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Manor Primary School

Manor Primary School

School Travel

A safe active journey to school is the ideal start to the day. Walking or cycling to school provides many benefits:

  • daily exercise for mental and physical health
  • benefits to children’s learning
  • a chance to enjoy the local environment
  • a chance to talk with family and friends
  • a safer and cleaner environment for everyone
  • a way for children to contribute something positive
  • a chance to learn road safety skills
  • a chance to develop independence as they get older

We do hope you will be able to help our school become a safer, healthier and greener community.

You can help by:

  • Walking with your child
  • Joining in with a ‘walking bus’
  • Enabling your child to cycle if possible
  • Allowing them growing independence to walk with friends as they get older
  • Enabling them to use the bus or train when they are old enough
  • Parking at a distance from school and walking the rest – ‘Park & Stride’
  • Sharing your car with others when you can

With the ever increasing cost of fuel, driving less or car sharing are ways to save money. 90% of wear and tear to your car happens in the first 30 seconds of a journey so short journeys are particularly bad. Engines never warm up, giving poor fuel economy and maximum pollution.

If possible please try to make part of your journey to school active.
You, your children and the environment will all benefit.

Thank you!